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To give us some idea of the impact National Parks make on our planet we thought it would be worth calculating the land protected for conservation purposes.

As we try to protect our lands and wildlife from unscrupulous behaviour and save the biodiversity we have left, National Parks are leading the way in some countries of what that model ought to look like.

Below you’ll find a tally of the National Parks of the world. This list will continue to evolve as more information is sought out, recieved and of course included in various registers around the globe. THIS IS A WORK IN PROGRESS. As I complete a country I will update the results with an updated date.

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My Current Progress on the Website:

Last Updated: 22/07/2016

Number of National Parks Completed, National Parks Guy235
National Park Land Protected, National Parks Guy

1,481,433 081 ha

(148,144,330.81 sq km)

Percentage of National Park Land Protected, National Parks Guy9.98%

Current List of National Parks Worldwide:

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No. of Parks

Land Area Protected

Percentage of Country Area




Afghanistan1   N
Albania14 210 667 ha7.33%01/12/2015Completed
Algeria117 795 297 ha3.27% 25/04/2016(Partial)
American Samoa 1 5 463 ha 27.45%24/07/2016 (Partial)
Andorra346 763 ha14.69%16/03/2016Completed
Angola99 571 000 ha7.68%25/07/2016(Partial)
Anguilla     N
Antarctica11 382 943 000 ha100%04/04/2016Completed
Antigua and Barbuda     N
Argentina332 584 400 ha1.3% N
Armenia5225 632 ha7.59%04/04/2016Completed
Aruba     N
Ascension Island11 000 ha (est) 10.99%25/07/2016(Partial)
Australia68533 506 200 ha4.36% N
Austria68 387 900 ha2.84%08/04/2016Completed
Azerbaijan9322 305 ha3.72%12/04/2016Completed


Bahamas 27   N
Bahrain    N
Bangladesh    N
Barbados     N
Belarus4222 200 ha1% N
Belgium15 700 ha.20% N
Belize56886 700 ha38% N
Benin 21 702 000 ha14.83% 25/04/2016(Partial)
Bermuda     N
Bhutan4800 800 ha20.8% N
Bolivia176 591 000 ha6% N
Bonaire     N
Bosnia and Herzegovina340 400 ha0.8% N
Botswana58 945 517 ha14.9%25/04/2016(Partial)
Brazil6825 000 000 ha2.97% N
British Virgin Islands     N
Brunei    N
Bulgaria3193 000 ha1.8% N
Burkina Faso4342 550 ha1.25% 25/04/2016(Partial)
Burundi384 830 ha3.05% 26/04/2016(Partial)


Cambodia7742 200 ha4.1% N
Cameroon12 3 089 336 ha6.78%26/04/2016(Partial)
Canada4337 700 000 ha3.78% N
Canary Islands432 776 ha 4.37%26/04/2016(Partial)
Cape Verde 3 10 195 ha2.53%26/04/2016(Partial)
Cayman Islands     N
Clipperton Island     N
Central African Republic53 114 300 ha5% 26/04/2016(Partial)
Chad3487 500 ha0.38%  26/04/2016(Partial)
Chile369 140 300 ha12.09% N
China (People’s Republic)208   N
China (Republic of)(Taiwan)9310 400 ha8.6% N
Colombia5914 254 100 ha12.5% N
Comoros140 400 ha19.86%26/04/2016(Partial)
Congo (Democratic Republic)89 448 000 ha4.03%26/04/2016(Partial)
Congo (Republic of)    N
Cook Islands     N
Costa Rica261 291 300 ha25.1% N
Cote d’Ivoire8 1 775 900 ha5.51%26/04/2016(Partial)
Croatia899 400 ha1.8% N
Cuba     N
Curacao     N
Cyprus    N
Czech Republic4119 000 ha1.5% N


Denmark3188 900 ha4.38% N
Djibouti1 13 900 ha0.63%26/04/2016(Partial)
Dominica310 700 ha7.01% N
Dominican Republic12   N


Ecuador113 473 300 ha12.2% N
Egypt35 645 300 ha5.59%26/04/2016(Partial)
El Salvador     N
Equatorial Guinea3303 000 ha10.80%26/04/2016(Partial)
Eritrea1100 000 ha0.85%26/04/2016(Partial)
Estonia5192 700 ha4.3% N
Ethiopia152 761 380 ha2.51%26/04/2016(Partial)


Falkland Islands    N
Fiji6   N
Finland37887 300 ha2.7% N
France106 072 800 ha9.5% N
French Guiana     N
French Polynesia     N


Gabon132 676 600 ha10% N
Gambia3169 900 ha1.5% N
Georgia9511 100 ha7% N
Germany151 039 500 ha2.7% N
Ghana8   N
Greece10696 000 ha3.6% N
Greenland     N
Grenada     N
Guadeloupe     N
Guam     N
Guatemala22   N
Guinea    N
Guinea-Bissau    N
Guyana1   N


Haiti28 800 ha0.31% N
Honduras     N
Hungary10481 900 ha5.2% N


Iceland31 240 700 ha12.1% N
India1023 813 600 ha1.16% N
Indonesia5016 052 000 ha11.9% N
Iran281 975 700 ha1.2% N
Iraq    N
Ireland659 000 ha0.8% N
Israel69640 000 ha30% N
Italy241 500 000 ha5% N


Jamaica     N
Japan292 048 200 ha5.4% N
Jordan    N


Kazakhstan101 887 600 ha0.7% N
Kenya23   N
Kiribati     N
Kosovo    N
Kuwait    N
Kyrgyzstan    N


Laos21   N
Latvia4206 500 ha3.2% N
Lebanon    N
Lesotho    N
Liberia    N
Libya    N
Liechtenstein    N
Lithuania5155 400 ha2.4% N
Luxembourg    N


Macedonia397 400 ha3.8% N
Madagascar181 432 700 ha2.4% N
Madeira    N
Malawi9   N
Malaysia4742 200 ha4.1% N
Maldives    N
Mali    N
Malta1250 ha0.69% N
Marshall Islands     N
Martinique     N
Mauritania    N
Mauritius371 600 ha3.5% N
Mayotte    N
Mexico671432000 ha0.73% N
Micronesia     N
Moldovia     N
Monaco     N
Mongolia24   N
Montenegro5109600 ha7.9% N
Montserrat     N
Morocco10   N
Mozambique64 097 000 ha5.1% N
Myanmar (Burma)91 035 100 ha1.5% N


Namibia82 015 600 ha13.2% N
Nauru     N
Nepal10   N
Netherlands20125 100 ha3% N
New Caledonia     N
New Zealand142 500 000 ha10% N
Nicaragua2   N
Niger1   N
Nigeria82 015 600 ha3% N
Niue     N
Norfolk Island     N
North Korea    N
Northern Mariana Islands     N
Norway362 406 000 ha6.3% N


Oman    N


Pakistan25    N
Palau     N
Palestine    N
Panama15   N
Papua New Guinea     N
Paraguay16   N
Peru117 966 500 ha6.2% N
Philippines54182 000 ha0.6% N
Pitcairn Islands     N
Poland23314 900 ha1% N
Portugal170 200 ha0.8% N
Puerto Rico     N


Qatar    N


Reunion Island    N
Romania12315 800 ha1.3% N
Russia4714 407 200 ha  N
Rwanda    N


Saba     N
Saint Barthelemy     N
Saint Kitts and Nevis     N
Saint Lucia     N
Saint Martin     N
Saint Pierre and Miquelon     N
Saint Vincent and The Grenadines     N
Samoa     N
San Marino    N
Sao Tome & Principe    N
Saudi Arabia    N
Senegal    N
Serbia5177 500 ha2.3% N
Seychelles8   N
Sierra Leone2   N
Singapore    N
Sint Eustatius    N
Sint Maarten     N
Slovakia9369 000 ha7.5% N
Slovenia183 800 ha4.1% N
Solomon Islands     N
Somalia6   N
South Africa194 047 600 ha3.32%12/12/2015Completed
South Georgia and
South Sandwich Islands
South Korea21665 600 ha6.67% N
South Sudan    N
Spain15378 700 ha0.8% N
Sri Lanka22    N
St Helena    N
Sudan    N
Suriname    N
Swaziland    N
Sweden29719 900 ha1.6%  N
Switzerland117 000 ha0.4% N
Syria    N


Tajikistan    N
Tanzania164 200 000 ha4.44% N
Thailand1386141300 ha11.96% N
Timor-Leste    N
Togo    N
Tokelau     N
Tonga     N
Trinidad and Tobago     N
Tristan da Cunha    N
Tunisia17   N
Turkey41848 100 ha1% N
Turkmenistan    N
Turks and Caicos Islands     N
Tuvalu     N


Uganda10    N
Ukraine17702 000 ha1.2% N
United Arab Emirates    N
United Kingdom152 314 557 ha9.5%02/08/2016Completed
United States of America5922 013 749 ha2.2%22/07/2016(Partial)
US Virgin Islands 1 5 964 ha 17.22%25/07/2016(Partial)
Uruguay7   N
Uzbekistan    N


Vanuatu     N
Vatican City    N
Venezuela4319941800 ha21.76% N
Vietnam30   N


Wallis and Futuna     N
Western Sahara    N


Yemen    N


Zambia2024 083 600 ha32% N
Zimbabwe11    N



Of World Surface



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