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Belarus National Parks

Updated: (13/04/2016)

Belarus Flag, National Parks Guy, Belarus National ParksThe Five Belarus National Parks are found across the country and offer some very different experiences, from thick woodland to Amazonian-like rivers, huge lakes and fascinating wildlife. Belarus will have your attention wrapped in the beauty of the Natural world you will find yourself and be able to visit sites of interest too.

Belarus has had a tough time though, and mention must be made of the Ukraine Nuclear Power plant at Chernobyl that exploded, with the fallout occurring over the southern part of Belarus. Today, although radiation levels are low, the area is still inaccessible to the public and considered a closed nature reserve established in 1988. 22 000 people were evacuated from the area and the closed nature reserve is one of Europe’s largest reserves at 84 900 ha. This closed reserve is of great interest to scientific research not only for the effects of radionuclides, but due to the virtual absence of humans, allowing for wildlife and flora to recover to a wilderness state.

There is plenty to do in Belarus, from mountain biking, skiing, and plenty of resorts along with sanatoriums (spas) but interestingly the way to see much of the national parks will be through hiking the many trails and paths established here. There is a large variety of wildlife too, due to the many natural areas, and catching a rare European Bison on camera should be a real delight.

Belarus is rich culturally, so expect unique foods and traditions.


National Parks of Belarus:

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National Park  Location
1. Belavezhskaya Pushcha

2. Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve

3. Braslavskiye Ozera

4. Narachansky

5. Pripyatsky


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Activities Available:

Belarus National Parks, National Parks Guy, Mountain Biking  Belarus National Parks, National Parks Guy, Bird watching  Belarus National Parks, National Parks Guy, Historical Monuments Belarus National Parks, National Parks Guy, horse riding
Belarus National Parks, national parks guy, canoeing Belarus National Parks, National Parks Guy, Forest Walks  Belarus National Parks, National Parks Guy, Hiking Belarus National Parks, national, parks, guy, nature walks

*More activities may be available at individual parks.


Tourism Details
 Main Contact:
+375 (17) 226 99 00
Email Address:
[email protected]
Languages Belarussian
English (minor)
Currency Belarussian Rouble
Population 9 498 000 (2016 Estimate)
Time zone GMT +03:00
Official Website
Inoculations (Suggested) Routine Vaccines:
– Measles-mumps-rubella(MMR)
– Diphtheria-Tetanus-Pertussis
– Chickenpox (Varicella)
– Polio
Travellers suggested Vaccines:
– Hepatitis A
Additional Recommendations:
– Hepatitis B
– Rabies
– Tick-Borne Encephalitis
– Tuberculosis
Emergency Telephone No. Police – 102
Ambulance – 103
Fire – 101 or 112
British Travel Advice
American Travel Advice
Electricity 220/240 volts – 2 Pin Europlug (Type C & E/F)
International Airports Minsk National Airport (MSQ)
Drinking Water Quality Poor, Boil first. Bottled Water Preferred
Land Mass  20 700 000 ha
National Parks Area    ha
% of National Parks Land to Country Land Mass  % of Land Mass
% of Country National Parks To World Land Mass
(14 842 900 000 ha)


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