You will find 62 countries and territories listed for the continent of Africa. I have tried to show the countries presently recognised by the UN of which there are 54 countries, and the remainder are islands owned by other territories. This is not to show a political landscape, but rather the areas that may be visited that are National Parks of Africa.

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Africa is vast, and as Kai Krause shows in his picture, The True Size of Africa, much of what we know as our world fits quite comfortably within it. So it is fundamental to see how much of it we are protecting and ensuring that future generations have the benefit of our decisions today.

The National Parks of Africa require support as well as recognition of the true unsung heros in these wildlife reserves. Protecting and standing up for nature in an environment which can be hostile and lethal due to poaching and land invasions. With dwindling financial input, it must be noted that the importance of National Parks in Africa and the link to education and community support.

Africa’s size is 30.22 million square km’s and covers 6% of the worlds total surface area. If we only take into account the land area it accounts for just over 20% of the total land on Earth – one fifth! So it is important to recognise what is being done in the National Parks of Africa.


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