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Rule number 1

national, parks, guy, photography, video, tips


Okay that is the last time I will use caps, but really this is the best advice I can give you. Use your camera, smart phone or camcorder where ever you can. See a beautiful butterfly, take a picture. Film the great open space you are driving through or if you want, record a quick 360 view every half hour and show the changing landscape. All makes your journey great fun!



Rule Number 2

National, Parks, guy, Photography, video, tips
Find good apps for making the most of your phone

Using a Smart Phone: Download an app to improve your camera. There are many out there, ones that allow you to adjust all the settings with whistles and bells. There are timelapse apps too, so you can capture a setting sun and see it as a video or watch an elephant graze right past your camp. Maybe it is just of a passing rainbow!

Using a Camera: Use auto for quick shots, but try using some of the more specialised settings too. For video, check you have the highest recording you can, so you can get the clear vibrant video. A lot of new modern cameras have HD as standard and that makes your scene look a whole lot better.

Using a camcorder: You are set to go. Push and record what you see.



Rule Number 3

A short easy to use stand for you camera

Hold your body and camera steady. There are a number of ways to make sure your video and photography is stable. I would first of all recommend you get a stand for your gadget. The best I found was the GorillaPod which has a fitting for most cameras. You can also buy one for you smart phone here which holds it nice and tightly.

The reason for the suggestion of a stand is to be able to hold it or place it somewhere and leave it to record. This guy here has the right idea for stabilisation. (By the way there is no sound in the video on purpose!) He uses a Gopro, but the same can be done with a camera or phone. Press the camera or phone to your chin and holding the stand where ever you look your camera will look too! Simple hey.

national, parks, guy, photography, video, tips

national, parks, guy, photography, videos, tips
A stable position

If you do not have a tripod, or stand then the other way to try to make your camera or phone steady is to:

  1. try to find a stable position
  2. using your left hand, support the weight of the phone or camera (You can press your left elbow against your body while you do this.)
  3. hold the other side of the camera or phone with the right hand but relax the index finger
  4. when you are ready to take a photo, breath out slowly and press the button. If you are videoing – just breathe normally
  5. wait for the photo to be taken – then move! (important step this one!) Unless you are videoing, then follow the action, dude!


Want something more professional – check this article out for professional tips here.



Rule Number 4

national, parks, guy, photography, video, tips
Notice the grass dark and sun bright?

Remember the light! If you aim at the sun everything will look dark in the photo. Put your back to the sun and everything will look bright. Everything else is a variation of that!




Rule Number 5

national, parks, guy, photography, video, tips
A stand is better for night photography

Night time requires a stand! Don’t be fooled, it looks good on the screen, but if you are not steady, the camera will not be able to capture what you are trying to do. On some cameras you can adjust the settings to allow for night time but they require the camera to be steady for a short period of time. That means no movement for 2 – 30 seconds dependent on the light! That a lot of time for blurry pictures.





Rule Number 6

national, parks, guy, photography, video, tips
Protect your camera, Use a bag, But keeping taking photos and video

Don’t be afraid of the rain! Get a clear plastic bag, cut a hole out for the lens and keep your camera dry. Now you can shoot in the rain for short periods.

You’re going to be a grand master in no time!




Rule Number 7

If the above 5 rules frightened you and you no longer sure – refer to Rule Number 1 exclusively! Just keep taking photos and videos. You’ll get better at it and improve with time.

Besides, these are just tips remember!

Looking forward to seeing what you have.

national, parks, guy, photography, video, tips
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