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Azerbaijan National Parks

Updated: (11/04/2016)

Azerbaijan National Parks, Azerbaijan flag, National Parks GuyThere are 9 recognised Azerbaijan National Parks which are spread over the entire country taking in many different environments and habitats. Azerbaijan has officially been the Republic of Azerbaijan since August 1991, but has had its territory in the Nagorno-Karabakh region disputed by Armenia since September 1991 and continues to be under negotiation currently.

It should be noted that travelling to this region will exclude you from travelling to Azerbaijan in the future due to the Armenian occupation. 

There are vast areas of inaccessible land that are referred to as National Parks and some required written permission to enter. (Zangazur National Park being an example) However, there is a move to research and document the geography, ecology and biodiversity of Azerbaijan’s National Parks. The Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources points out that prior to the formation of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources there were no National Parks.

There is little information about what can be done in Azerbaijan National Parks and I would refer you to the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources and to the Tourism Website. One thing is almost certain is that this will be an adventure to visit Azerbaijan National Parks.

National Parks of Azerbaijan:

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National Park  Location
1. Absheron

2. Aggyol

3. Altiaghaj

4. Goygyol

5. Hirkan

6. Samur-Yalama

7. Shahdag

8. Shirvan

9. Zangezur (Ordubad)

(10. Gobustan State Reserve)

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Activities Available:

Azerbaijan National Parks, National Parks Guy, Mountain Biking  Azerbaijan National Parks, National Parks Guy, Bird watching  Azerbaijan National Parks, National Parks Guy, Historical Monuments
Azerbaijan National Parks, National Parks Guy, Cave Art Azerbaijan National Parks, National Parks Guy, Forest Walks  Azerbaijan National Parks, National Parks Guy, Hiking

*More activities may be available at individual parks.


Contact details
 Main Contact:
(+994 12) 538 04 81
Email Address:
[email protected]
Languages Azerbaijani (Main)
Currency Manat
Population 9 574 000 (2014 Estimate)
Time zone GMT +04:00
Inoculations (Suggested) Routine Vaccines:
– Measles-mumps-rubella(MMR)
– Diphtheria-Tetanus-Pertussis
– Chickenpox (Varicella)
– Polio
Travellers suggested Vaccines:
– Hepatitis A
Additional Recommendations:
– Hepatitis B
– Rabies
– Tuberculosis
– Typhoid
Emergency Telephone No. Main Number – 112
Police – 102
Ambulance – 103
Fire – 101
British Travel Advice
American Travel Advice
Electricity 220/240 volts – 2 Pin Europlug (Type C & E/F)
International Airports Baku Heydar Aliyev International Airport (GYD)
Drinking Water Quality Poor, Boil first. Bottled Water Preferred
Land Mass  8 660 000 ha
National Parks Area   322 305 ha
% of National Parks Land to Country Land Mass  3.72% of Land Mass
% of Country National Parks To World Land Mass
(14 842 900 000 ha)


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