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Hirkan National Park in Azerbaijan is one of the larger National Parks the country has designated. Increasing its size to include part of the virgin Talish Mountains and ranging all the way to the Caspian Sea. The area is being developed for ecotourism and environmental education and aims to be a show piece for Azerbaijan.

The Hirkan National Park rises and falls to a height of only 1000m but there is a different in the types of tree species as you progress. The Lankaran zone has so far been protected and remains as one of the prime subtropical forests in Europe.

The wildlife in Hirkan National Park includes the lynx and wild cat, but it also is home to the Front-Asian Leopard. The Front-Asian Leopard is threatened and listed on the IUCN as endangered as their habitat is diminished by urbanisation, infrastructure and trophy hunting. There is also the belief that they should be killed upon sight in certain parts adding to their endangered designation. The WWF have been running a long term conservation program to try and restore the numbers of Caucasian Leopard too.

Hirkan National Park is also famous for it’s natural monuments of which ‘Guru Nabi’  is the most famous of natural forest monuments in the Astara District. Here is a great story from Vaso Gabunia on his trip to Hirkan with ‘Babakhan – the Leopard Man‘.

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Hirkan National Park
B Lankaran City
Burjali Village
Google Map
Hirkan National Park location
Size of Park 40 358 ha
Opened in 2008
Closest City/Town Astara
Habitat Mountain / Forest
Unesco World Heritage Site No
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