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Absheron National Park near Baku in Azerbaijan has a semi-desert climate surrounded by the Caspian Sea. The area has walks to the end of the Peninsula with observation areas and side routes. This are was set aside to protect the rare and endangered Flora and Fauna species which are found in this area.

Over 50 bird species and the rare Caspian Seal (smallest seal in the world) are found in the Absheron National Park. The Caspian Seal is now on the ICUN Endangered list owing to the high harvest of seals in the area. There have also been other threats to the population such as the morbillivirus and a loss of the marine ecosystem due to overfishing and introduction of the Comb Jelly fish.

Since Absheron is near Baku, the other site to mention, although not strictly a national park is the Gobustan State Reserve (or Qobustan Milli Parkı), which has rock art and home to nearly 400 mud volcanoes, is certainly worth considering if in the area. (79km for Baku) The Gobustan State Reserve is a recognised UNESCO World Heritage Site for it’s Rock Art.

The other place of interest not far from Baku is the Yanar Dag, literally a “burning mountain”. A place where natural gas burns continuously near the Absheron National Park.

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Absheron National Park
Baku City
Khazar Region
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Abseron National Park location
Size of Park 783 ha
Opened in 2005
Closest City/Town Baku
Habitat Semi-Desert Seaside Peninsula
Unesco World Heritage Site No
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