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Austria National Parks

Updated: (06/04/2016)

Austria National Parks, National Parks GuyAustria is known for it’s spectacular mountain scenery and crisp clear water. When visiting Austria you can expect to be taken back by the peaks which rise up from the ground and seem to balance precariously with snow covered tops. Austria is also land locked surrounded by Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

Austria also takes it’s environment seriously too. They are the top contenders in Europe, show casing how to properly treat the land and with a boom in eco-tourism too, Austria is seeing real growth in promoting this gem. Not least to say Austria National Parks are place to be visited, interacted with and absorbed!

Austria is a magical place too. Imagine a walk in the park in winter, but in summer you need scuba diving gear to take the same route! (Dailymail article) or a walk up to one of the many alpine resorts that overlook mountain scenery, or a stroll through wetlands in the National Parks. Austria seems to have it all going for it, with a population all joining in, your experience should be a good one. Just one tip: Take a German phrase book with you as English is not as common as you may be led to believe!

National Parks of Austria:

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National Park  Location
1. Donau-Auen

2. Gesaeuse

3. Hohe Tauern

4. Neusiedler See – Seewinkel

5. Oberoesterreich-Kalkalpen

6. Thayatal

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Activities Available:

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Austria National Parks, National Parks Guy, Fishing Austria National Parks, National Parks Guy, Swimming  Austria National Parks, National Parks Guy, Hiking  Austria National Parks, National Parks Guy, Forest Walks  Austria National Parks, National Parks Guy, Horse Riding

*More activities may be available at individual parks.


Contact details
 Main Contact:
00800 400 200 00 (Toll-free in Austria)
Email Address:
[email protected]
Languages German (Main)
Slovene (Minor)
Croatian (Minor)
Hungarian (Minor)
Slovak (Minor)
English – Patchy
Currency Euro
Population 8 662 588 (2015 Estimate)
Time zone GMT +01:00
Inoculations (Suggested) Routine Vaccines:
– Measles-mumps-rubella(MMR)
– Diphtheria-Tetanus-Pertussis
– Chickenpox (Varicella)
– Polio
Travellers suggested Vaccines:
– Rabies
– Tick-Borne Encephalitis (If outdoors frequently)
Emergency Telephone No. Main Number – 112
Police – 133
Ambulance – 144
Fire – 122
Mountain Rescue – 140
British Travel Advice
American Travel Advice
Electricity 220/240 volts – 2 Pin Europlug (Type C & E/F)
International Airports Vienna International Airport (Schwechat Airport) (VIE)
Drinking Water Quality Excellent Tap Water
Land Mass 8 387 900 ha
National Parks Area   238 056 ha
% of National Parks Land to Country Land Mass  2.84% of Land Mass
% of Country National Parks To World Land Mass
(14 842 900 000 ha)


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