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Google have created Hidden Worlds of National Parks which has been amazing to view and walk through some very special places. Check out the link and if you have a story to tell, come back and leave it here!

The United States of America National Parks Service (www.nps.gov) is one of the most comprehensive National Parks Websites to use. With update maps and direct links to parks, teacher resources and reports, even detailing which parks receive the most amount of visitors. The USA have taken their National Parks seriously and have preserved a vast area of land. That, added to the resources and goal to include people in nature is worthy of merit.

There are in total 59 National Parks, and the Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks in California are two parks that sit side by side one another. The two which are National Parks not included below but within their own pages are American Samoa National Park as this is maintained by the USA but lies in the South Pacific, and the Virgin Islands National Park which is also maintain by the USA but is part of the Virgin Islands.

I have not elected to split Hawaii off from America but included the National Parks within the count.

Leave your tales of adventure from your visit to any of the National Parks you have been privileged enough to see and inspire others to visit and live the adventure too. Your stories help others to enjoy the national parks and equally serve to support the valuable assets around us.

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National Parks

Size of Park

 1. Acadia National Park (Maine) 19 178 ha
 2. Arches National Park (Utah) 30 966 ha
 3. Badlands National Park (South Dakota) 98 240 ha
 4. Big Bend National Park (Texas) 324 219 ha
 5. Biscayne National Park (Florida) 69 980 ha
 6. Black Canyon of the Gunnison NP (Colorado) 13 334 ha
 7. Bryce Canyon National Park (Utah) 14 502 ha
 8. Canyonlands National Park (Utah) 136 621 ha
 9. Capitol Reef National Park (Utah) 97 895 ha
10. Carlsbad Caverns National Park (New Mexico) 21 000 ha
11. Channel Islands National Park (California) 100 994 ha
12. Congaree National Park (South Carolina) 10 743 ha
13. Crater Lake National Park (Oregon) 14 148 ha
14. Cuyahoga Valley National Park (Ohio) 13 334 ha
15. Death Valley National Park (Nevada) 1 364 763 ha
16. Denali National Park (Alaska) 1 918 579 ha
17. Dry Tortugas National Park (Florida) 26 184 ha
18. Everglades National Park (Florida) 610 484 ha
19. Gates of the Arctic National Park (Alaska) 3 044 813 ha
20. Glacier National Park (Montana) 410 178 ha
21. Glacier Bay National Park (Alaska) 1 305 047 ha
22. Grand Canyon National Park (Arizona) 492 666 ha
23. Grand Teton National Park (Wyoming) 125 450 ha
24. Great Basin National Park (Nevada) 31 234 ha
25. Great Sand Dunes National Park (Colorado) 17 395 ha
26. Great Smokey Mountains National Park (Tennessee, NC) 211 040 ha
27. Guadalupe Mountains National Park (Texas) 34 971 ha
28. Haleakala National Park (Hawaii) 11 774 ha
29. Hawaii Volcanoes National Park (Hawaii) 130 888 ha
30. Hot Springs National Park (Arkansas) 2 246 ha
31. Isle Royale National Park (Michigan) 231 295 ha
32. Joshua Tree National Park (California) 319 599 ha
33. Katmai National Park (Alaska) 1 487 029 ha
34. Kenai Fjords National Park (Alaska) 271 132 ha
35. Kings Canyon National Park (California) 186 925 ha
36. Kobuk Valley National Park (Alaska) 1 750 717 ha
37. Lake Clark National Park (Alaska) 1 060 168 ha
38. Lassen Volcanic National Park (California) 43 047 ha
49. Mammoth Cave National Park (Kentucky) 21 830 ha
40. Mesa Verde National Park (Colorado) 21 093 ha
41. Mount Rainier National Park (Washington) 95 354 ha
42. North Cascades National Park (Washington) 204 278 ha
43. Olympic National Park (Washington)  373 384 ha
44. Petrified Forest National Park (Arizona) 37 851 ha
45. Pinnacles National Park (California) 10 767 ha
46. Redwood National Park (California) 45 532 ha
47. Rocky Mountain National Park (Colorado) 107 577 ha
48. Saguaro National Park (Arizona) 37 004 ha
49. Sequoia National Park (California) 163 514 ha
50. Shenandoah National Park (Virginia) 80 551 ha
51. Theodore Roosevelt National Park (North Dakota) 28 509 ha
52. Voyageurs National Park (Minnesota) 88 302 ha
53. Wind Cave National Park (South Dakota) 11 451 ha
54. Wrangell-St Elias National Park (Alaska) 3 368 258 ha
55. Yellowstone National Park (Wyoming, Montana, Idaho) 898 317 ha
56. Yosemite National Park (California) 308 073 ha
57. Zion National Park (Utah) 59 326 ha

Total National Park Land:

22 013 749 ha

Size of Country

983 351 700 ha

% of Country Land Mass:


**58.  American Samoa National Park lies on the island of American Samoa in the South Pacific and is an American maintained National Park. Find the listing for American Samoa National Park here as it is based in the South Pacific.

**59.  Virgin Islands National Park sits on the United States Virgin Islands in the Caribbean Sea and is an American maintained National Park. Find the listing for US Virgin Islands National Park here.


https://www.nps.gov/index.htm 21/07/2016

**I have tried to accurately represent facts and figures and give the best information possible listed above. If you should note that something is wrong please bring it to my attention with a link to where I can find factual evidence for the contrary. I take no responsibility for this information and offer it as information only. My email is [email protected].