Big Bend National Park in United States of America

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Big Bend National Park is located in Southern Texas and borders Mexico. This is not a small National Park by any stretch of the imagination. The vast distances ensure you must be prepared when visiting and hiking, but this is the largest protected area of desert and desert ecology in the whole USA. That makes this a pretty special place!

Add to that, on the Mexican side are the protected sites of Parque Nacional Cañon de Santa Elena and Maderas del Carmen, so the area is relatively natural. However, there is some caution when visiting the Rio Grande river, as this forms the border between the two countries and stricter policies are in place for this National Park. Be warned!

The area is known for it fossils and with artefacts dating back over 9000 years, this area is well known to be a haven for scientists and geologists interested in the landscape. The climate is vastly variable too due to the elevation from 550m to over 2300m creating huge differences in temperature and of course vegetation.

The beauty in this park rest in its lack of light pollution and is currently one of only 10 National parks in the world that have a dark skies award. You can see stars here in all the crystal clear clarity they deserve, so staying up late is a prerequisite for staying here. Wildlife are also active at night, as the daytime desert temperatures are extremely high. Look out for Cougar, Coyote and especially the Greater Roadrunner. See if you can snap that one on your camera…

If you like your birdwatching this park will offer you over 450 different spies if you know where to look! It is one of the least visited National Parks in the USA too, and for that you will be treated to a perfect uninhibited view of the sky and landscape.


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Contact Details Telephone Number
(+1)(432) 477-2251
Arches National Park
Moab, Utah – 5 Miles North
Mailing Address:
PO Box 129
Big Bend National Park, TX 79834-0129
Nearest Airport Midland/Odessa, Texas (378km away)
Size of Park 324 219 ha
Opened in 1944
Closest City/Town Alpine
Habitat Desert
Unesco World Heritage Site No


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