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Acadia National Park in United States of America

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Acadia National Park has undergone 3 name changes and was once home to the Wabanaki People. Initially Charles Elliot, a landscape architect, has the idea for this National Park, and with the aid of John D Rockffeller Jr, Acadia National Park was brought into existence, with roads and paths being constructed.

Acadia National Park officially became a National Park in 1919 and began to attract people into this beautiful landscape of Maine. In 1947, the national park was badly affected by a great fire that devestated much of the forest, but through many years of work and dedication the forest has returned to be even more diverse and the fire may, in some opinions have been a what make it so beautiful today.

The park is made up of islands, lakes woodlands and includes most of the island of Isle au Haut, which is a little further south to the main Park. With over 40 different species of mammal including Black Bear, Bobcats and porcupines. There are many bird species too, some causing hiking trails to be closed each year due to breeding pairs.

Since Acadia National Park is so far East, Cadillaic Mountain, a pink granite mountain is one of the first places in the United States to witness the sunrise. There is plenty to see and do in the area and one park worth visiting with sea and forest combined.


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Contact Details Telephone Number
(+1) (207) 288-3338
Acadia National Park
20 McFarland Hill Drive
Bar Harbor
N 51° 2′ 25.644″ W 3° 33′ 8.717″
Nearest Airport Bangor International Airport (74km away)
Size of Park 19 178ha
Opened in 1919
Closest City/Town Bar Harbor
Habitat Woodland/Sea
Unesco World Heritage Site No


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