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The US Virgin Islands lie in the Caribbean made up of 3 main islands and some smaller surrounding ones and covers an area of 34 636 ha. They were originally the Danish West Indies and were sold to the United States in 1916, and been a territory of the USA since that time.

The Island of Saint John is home to another of the great USA National Parks called the Virgin Islands National Park and is a well visited area. With hiking trails, beautiful rainforests and the exquisite coral reefs to dive on, this makes for an idyllic National Park.

It is possible to camp in the National Park and also visit some of the Islands past history on the hiking trails. Much of which centers around the sugar plantations.


It would be great if you left a tale of your adventure while visiting this national park. It will go to encouraging others to visit and have their own adventures too. What activities did you get up to? Where are the best sites? Any recommendations for accommodation? What about a story from your travels from around the camp fire or when you went swimming in the waters under the waterfall. All would be greatly appreciated.

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Below find stories and adventures for Virgin Islands National Park.

Have you been? Tell us about it – Activities, where you stayed, what you did, how long you went for, what you saw… anything, we love stories!

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