American Samoa is made up of 7 islands and 2 coral atolls and is a mere 199 square kilometers. The most southern territory that American has with beautiful high mountains and South Pacific beaches.

There is only one National Park on American Samoa and is called American Samoa National Park. It is organised and administered by the American National Parks Service ( and protects precious rainforests, delicate coral reefs and Samoan way of life.

This area is under constant threat today from rising sea levels and pollution. Natural disasters alone caused damage to the main buildings in 2009 with a loss of 34 lives due to an earthquake and resulting tsunami. It has been very popular to visit American Samoa National Park for pristine snorkeling and hiking and for at least the next 26 years, this area will remain protected.

It would be great if you left a tale of your adventure while visiting this national park. It will go to encouraging others to visit and have their own adventures too. What activities did you get up to? Where are the best sites? Any recommendations for accommodation? What about a story from your travels from around the camp fire or when you went swimming in the waters under the waterfall. All would be greatly appreciated.

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Below find stories and adventures for American Samoa National Park.

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