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Prince Charles and Prince William Stand up for Wildlife

I spoke about the idiocy of poachers poisoning animal carcasses and wrecking more havoc on our already fragile wildlife. You can read about Poaching Takes a Dark Turn in Kruger here. However, from the other side of the earth we have the British Royalty standing up for wildlife too.

Prince Charles had always had an affection for nature and keen on ensuring he is building a platform on which nature and wildlife can thrive in a world increasingly more populated by human beings. He is renowned for pioneering ways to ensure we can use the land we have to the benefit of nature and humankind and today, Today News, published an article highlighting how that belief has inspired his son , Prince William, too.

They will both attend the United for Wildlife Symposium at the Zoological Society on February 12, aiming to highlight the importance of our natural world around us. The article can be found on Today News – Prince William and dad team up to preserve ‘magnificent’ wildlife.

Some of the charities that Prince William established focus solely on wildlife and sustainability. The International Sustainability Unit is one such charity setup to to resolve key environmental challenges in our world.

It’s time we all took part in noticing how import or ecosystems are, and not just leave it to “the others”, even those in different social circles, to deal with. We all live here and we are all responsible for what we pass onto our future tomorrow, by the actions we make today. You may only have the means of making a small action, plant a tree, encourage birds to feed in your garden, but you have the ability to affect global change by us all standing up for wildlife.

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