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Are you taking part?

Each year since 2007 the WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) has promoted one hour during the year where we show our support to turning the lights off and consider our impact on the planet we call home.

Of course there is no other place to call home, so if this is it we had better consider it a little more!

If you are taking part, why not post a picture of your life by candle light or take part in an educational talk offered by the WWF tomorrow. It’ll be a little bit enlightening and you would be part of a huge community of people taking the step to reduce our footprint on earth.

Wherever you are, local time 8:30pm to 9:30pm you just flick the switch to your home and enjoy the peace and quiet. No more electrical hum or flashing TV. Just a little break to consider how you are using the energy in your home.

The idea is to highlight how precious a comodity or energy use is. From the phone charger you leave plugged in all day, using a small amount of energy, to the lights or tv’s that are switched on and never turned off.

Unplug what you don’t need to use, turn a light on when you need it and consider the footprint we are all making by small changes too our lives. You’ll be amazed at the difference.

Oh, and did I mention you also get a reduction to your electrical bill! Of course you do, less electricity you use the less you pay for. That means more money for you to actually see this amazing planet and enjoy all it has to offer, and that includes the great friendships you have around you.

So all the best for Earth hour tomorrow. Set your alarm on your phone, turn off at 8:30 and for an hour, sit and chat to a friend or your family without any distractions around you. Looking forward to all the pictures on instagram at 9:35pm when I turn back on!

To find out more you can visit WWF: Earth Hour

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