Poaching takes a dark turn in Kruger, National Parks Guy

Poaching Takes a Dark Turn in Kruger

The Kruger National Park, South Africa, is a beautiful haven for Wildlife, why then would poachers, already hunting certain species to extinction, want to poison other animals they have no interest in!

They took the tusks and then had the idiotic idea to lace the elephant with poison and kill any other animals that came to feed off it. Just goes to show the mentality of a poacher – ZERO! We already have a major issue in the world with poaching, but to then mindlessly kill other animals is down right idiocy!

There is a lesson to be learnt here, and one that I took from it that we should all be aware of. As each animal is poached to extinction, with it’s loss also comes the loss of other animals too. Each animal enabling others to live in harmony with our planet, but by removing a species we are creating further loss of other animals that directly relay on all links within the circle of life.

It is a bit like a massive game of Jenga. You can remove a few blocks and the tower will stand, but once there are too many removed the tower become unstable and we have complete collapse. Let’s be more aware that our planet needs our input and by taking notice of our wildlife we are enabling a more secure and dare I say it “stable” future for our planet.

The article can be found on Eyewitness News here for further details.

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