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Animals Come to the Rescue


While watching this video, it brought back many memories of my own dog. A Saint Bernard who I named Carmella, was born on 21/03/2004 and two weeks later I went to see her and her brothers and sisters. As I sat looking at the litter, the owner let her mother in who came rushing up to us and then sat beside us. Her huge head almost level with ours on the low sofa.

Animals come to the rescue, Carmella, National Perks Guy

I knew straight away that I was going to be taking Carmella home with me, and a few weeks later I went back up to collect her. She was all legs by then and looked a bit like an ‘Imperial Walker’ (Star Wars reference). I picked her up, with a whole lots of instructions of what and what not to do and placed her in the foot well of my car and drove home. She slept the entire time and only really woke when I need fuel.

The video above touched on many aspects of human life we often overlook. We are sociable beings, that need constant contact. Of course, I would be the first one to say that we need the occasional moments of peace and quiet, but on the whole it is the company that keeps us alive. I recently listened to a TED talk, Robert Waldinger: What makes a good life? Lessons from the longest study on happiness, that addressed this point precisely. It wasn’t things and wealth that made people happy, but rather

Good relationships keep us happier and healthier. Period.

Robert Waldinger

It is not the amount of time we spend earning money, going to shopping malls or sitting at home wishing everyone would just be quiet so you can watch the TV. It is the interactions that are most important. The way you earn your money can lead to many friendships and relationship. The way you talk to other in the shops about clothing, food and other necessary items all contributes to interaction.

The one thing I notice more about our ‘electronic’ world is the need to stay connected, to be social, but in a sterile environment. Perhaps this is where we go wrong. It is the need to be a part of real world stuff that makes us interact.

Animals come to the rescue, Carmella, National Perks GuyI could never have predicted how Carmella would have changed my life. From the episodes of copious amounts of diarrhoea and vomiting because she had eaten something rotten, to the pat of a paw on my leg in the middle of the night to let me know she wanted to be let out. All causing some interaction in my world that wasn’t there before.

As most people with dogs or for that matter, animals, it seems there is always a common thread. Animals bring some form of happiness to others. Dogs seem to be so loyal to their owners and yet most would say that owner is incorrect – they are companions in the home, one of the family.

Eric knew he had to change his life, to be healthier and fitter and he took the option of allowing for interactivity to do that for him. He moved himself towards making connections by the effort of caring for animals. The wildlife community is the same. As we care more for the wildlife in our world we move towards others who also have the same beliefs. The same caring nature.

I think groups exist with like minded people because there is common ground to communicate on. It is not always sinister, but rather when a new person tries to join, they are often left feeling an outsider, but i believe this is because the group expects the same effort they made in joining and becoming part of the group. They are expecting you to join and learn and work towards they group ethic and not that they should be bending to join you.

Today, perhaps it is a hello on the street, or a quick chat to the neighbour, try to get a little bit of REAL interaction, then go from there. One simple step at a time.

Animals come to the rescue, Carmella, National Perks Guy

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