This week on Carte Blanche, a South African TV show, ( it exposed the real loss of a proper management structure and the nature of greed amongst us as humans. You can watch the documentary here, although I hasten to add that there are scenes of animals being hunted and of under nourished wildlife.

Our wildlife parks are so important to preserve not only for future generations, but for now! The way we respect our world around us is a direct indication of how we respect the people around us. That being said, the South African Government needs to value the precious spaces it has in the maintenance of wildlife nature reserves as this is a major draw for foreign travellers as well as local tourism.

Not only are there monetary benefits to running nature reserves, but there is the primary ecological benefit of ensuring a diverse natural landscape that everyone can have access too. Whether rich or poor, a properly managed wildlife program really does benefit society in general. From employment through to the visitors. That’s all before we count the valuable natural resource that is being protected and valued as the people around these natural spaces will be too, for they will make the space what it is!

Here is the link to the Carte Blanche video:


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