High Heels


Some times even the guys like walking in heels… These Klipspringers make me smile. Living in and around rocks they have the ability to spring from on to another rock on slippery surfaces with ease.

They are small antelope and this male was part of a pair. He stood watch while she started grazing nearby. Team work!

Thanks for supporting the National Parks Guy, and taking a look at some of the amazing wildlife in our world.

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Klipspringers are small antelope that, as you may have guessed by the position of this Klipspringer, live by climbing around on the stones (Afrikaans word Klip). The fur is an incredible mix of yellow grey and reddish brown colour that makes this little antelope blend into the rocks as if it were a rock. Well Camouflaged.

I spotted this little Klipspringer on a recent trip to the Kruger National Park, and he was with a female that had been keeping watch when we arrived. But, as soon as we stopped, he took over guard duties and she went off to do a little be of foraging.

It was an incredible moment to see how two animals watching out for each other survive on the sides of a rock.

I had to take the side profile though, and hence name this photo, ‘High Heels’, as you can see he is on the tips of his hoofs.

Specially adapted to stick to the rock on which they climb, the hoof is almost rubbery underneath!

Thank you for supporting me, as I visit national parks, as the National parks Guy, I hope to bring some of the amazing and varied wildlife into your home.


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