South Africa

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  • Sunset, Maurice Randall



    This sunset just struck me as I was leaving the National Parks at the end of an amazing day. The sun seems to be falling from the sky with the cloud giving the illusion of great speed.

    The end of the day always signals that time of night when the animals and birds get ready for either bed or some night time hunting. It is electric as the change over of shift happens.

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  • Zebra herd, Maurice Randall

    Family Matters


    Family is always special to see, and to witness this herd of Zebra was just brilliant. It was if they were each grouping into their family unit.

    The mare on the far right is heavily pregnant too, which made this so much more special.

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  • Klipspringer, Maurice Randall

    High Heels


    Some times even the guys like walking in heels… These Klipspringers make me smile. Living in and around rocks they have the ability to spring from on to another rock on slippery surfaces with ease.

    They are small antelope and this male was part of a pair. He stood watch while she started grazing nearby. Team work!

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  • Hammerkop, Maurice Randall

    I Love You Darling


    I think this is the ultimate caress. One Hammerkop affectionately caring for a his partner. How amazingly expressive and wonderful to see.

    The Hammerkop is normally found near water, fishing, but this fine morning a gentle wake up and a cuddle were called for.

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  • I See You - Maurice Randall

    I See You


    The African Fish Eagle is such an iconic sight for Africa. Sitting in the tree, surveying all that goes before it. A huge raptor weighing over 2kg, with specially adapted toes for gripping slippery objects – fish!

    When I spotted this one, it was over looking a dam, early in the morning and it still had it’s ‘bed head’ on.

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  • Dark Chanting Goshawk, Maurice Randall

    Rude Awkening


    This Goshawk has really turned out for the party. Lovely orange stockings and matching mask!

    The Dark Chanting Goshawk as the name suggests makes a few sounds, mainly around breeding time.

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