I See You


The African Fish Eagle is such an iconic sight for Africa. Sitting in the tree, surveying all that goes before it. A huge raptor weighing over 2kg, with specially adapted toes for gripping slippery objects – fish!

When I spotted this one, it was over looking a dam, early in the morning and it still had it’s ‘bed head’ on.

Thanks for supporting the National Parks Guy, and allowing me to show you how wonderful our wildlife is.

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When I saw the African Fish Eagle for the first time, I couldn’t believe the size. It sat in the top of a tree, looking over some water and it sat with all the majesty a living creature could muster.

Then taking the binoculars, I began to notice the details. The curved beak, the bright yellow face, the sunken eyes, the light brown on its front, the sharp talons.

The interesting thing about those talons is not the sharp claws, which can grabs and dissect its prey, which is mainly fish, but that they have a special feature to grip onto a slippery fish, called spiricules.

Although it’s name suggests that it only eats fish, it is also inclined to eat small waterfowl and even small mammals like monkeys.

This eagle sat in the top of a tree in the Kruger National Park, was very watchful of the surroundings, but took no notice of us as we drove up to get a closer look. Confidence for sure.

The morning was warm and it was a delight to see this beautiful bird in all it’s magnificence so early in the day – even if it does still have ‘bed head’.

Thank you for supporting me, as I visit national parks, as the National parks Guy, I hope to bring some of the amazing and varied wildlife into your home.


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