This sunset just struck me as I was leaving the National Parks at the end of an amazing day. The sun seems to be falling from the sky with the cloud giving the illusion of great speed.

The end of the day always signals that time of night when the animals and birds get ready for either bed or some night time hunting. It is electric as the change over of shift happens.

Thanks for supporting the National Parks Guy, and allowing me to show you my world from a wild perspective.

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There are times when the sun is just setting and you cannot but help watch it go. This night was just one of those events.

The day was wonderfully warm. The rays beating down over the bush, the animals relaxing in the shade and a great day had enjoying the beauty of the wild space I was in.

So how fitting that as I was on my way home that this amazing photo should be taken. Watching the glowing red ball change everything around me from yellow and golden to a super orange colour.

As the night was ushered in with a a colourful end!

There is always something mesmeric about this kind of event and one that I cannot ignore. That I am excited to be there in the moment and at the same time awe struck by a sun turning in for the night.

Strange how natural events can move you so much, and yet they happen each day.

I take great pride that I notice the setting sun too. In a 70 year life span I would have the opportunity to watch the sun rise and set 25,520 times, and for the first 5 years I probably didn’t even notice it and was too young! Total sun rise and sunset opportunities = 23,725 times!

This picture made me thing about how the sun ‘falls’ from the sky. the clouds creating a vapour as if it was rushing to get below the horizon before the allotted time.

Thank you for supporting me, as I visit national parks, as the National parks Guy, I hope to bring some of the amazing and varied wildlife and landscapes into your home.
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