Impala are found all over Central and eastern Southern Africa. They are grazers and often found in large herds.

This Canvas is of a young calf just beginning to sprout their new horns.

Thank you for supporting the National Parks Guy, as I bring the beauty of my world into yours.

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Impala are medium-sized antelope that are bountiful in the South Africa. I think they probably make a tasty meal for the bigger wild cats that inhabit the areas they live in, but that is besides the point.

Normally in large herds, the females follow one dominant male around. The rest of the males stick together in bachelor herds which hang around near to the main herd of females. The dominant males are highly territorial and during the mating season they often have to defend their territory from younger males.

This picture is of a young male still with the main herd. His horns are just beginning to grow which will form into a small twist of horns later on. The young males can often be seen ‘practising’ their skills against each other in a playful manner with the herd.

It seems almost unbelievable but in the long grass Impala become almost invisible as they merge into the background.

Thank you for supporting the National Parks Guy, allowing me to show you the beauty within our world from our wild protected spaces.


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