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  • Zebra, Impala, and water, Maurice Randall

    An African Scene


    Africa is so varied and beautiful. Even the times of day create different feelings and emotions.

    This typical “African Scene” really has the water and animals all placed as if on queue. There is calm in the middle of the day and this watering hole is just perfect.

    Thank you for supporting the National Parks Guy, as I visit the wild spaces that we preserve for future generations.

  • Bumps, A new Impala calf



    Impala are found all over Central and eastern Southern Africa. They are grazers and often found in large herds.

    This Canvas is of a young calf just beginning to sprout their new horns.

    Thank you for supporting the National Parks Guy, as I bring the beauty of my world into yours.

  • Klipspringer, Maurice Randall

    High Heels


    Some times even the guys like walking in heels… These Klipspringers make me smile. Living in and around rocks they have the ability to spring from on to another rock on slippery surfaces with ease.

    They are small antelope and this male was part of a pair. He stood watch while she started grazing nearby. Team work!

    Thanks for supporting the National Parks Guy, and taking a look at some of the amazing wildlife in our world.

  • How's This?, Maurice Randall

    How’s This?


    The Kudu has long legs and huge ears that, just like a trumpet in reverse, allows this antelope to pick up the smallest of sounds.

    Very shy, they often hide in the bush, almost undetected as they blend in with the surroundings so well. The male has huge antlers which look very impressive and a little white beard.

    Thank you for supporting the National Parks Guy, and allowing me to bring some of my world into yours.