Young Solitude


The African Elephant is iconic. They are the great landscapers of the bush and contribute more than they take.

This African Elephant was slowly getting going in the National Park. His long eyelashes heavy and his ear moved back and forth gently. They bear the African continent on their heads, and to find out more read the description below.

Thank you for supporting the National Parks Guy, as I bring the beauty of my world into yours.

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The African Elephant is iconic in South Africa. You can see this amazing animal displayed on posters, bottle of drinks and is a favourite topic of conversation around the camp fire.

When I took this photo, this African Elephant was standing relaxing in the shade and sun. Taking small amounts of grass and breathing slowly.

The long eyelashes slowly blinked as if the morning had started a little too soon, and as I watched, his ears slowly moved forwards and backwards as he regulated his temperature.

The African Elephant can be told apart from the Indian Elephant by the shape of the Ear. In this photo the ear on the right shows why… It is the shape of the continent of Africa itself and just as this animal bears the continent on its own body so it also is responsible for much of the seed dispersion and major landscape gardening required in the wild.

A perfect complement, the African Elephant needs to graze each day to gain enough energy to move its huge frame around. Eating upto 450kg a day, that means elephants are always moving and as they move they also remodel the landscape.

Pushing trees over to reach the young shoots, also provides for other animals too. Their feet have small pads which allow them to move through the bush quietly and like a trainer, allows excellent grip.

Thank you for supporting the National Parks Guy. As I continue my journey to explore the worlds natural spaces and highlight the beauty


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