National Parks Guy, Exploring the Karoo National Park

Exploring the Karoo National Park!

I have been exploring the Karoo National Park which is situated in the interior of South Africa, dominated by the Nuweveld Mountains and surrounded by exceptional plains. There is a great variety of wildlife here, and the vegetation is spectacular if you look for it. This area has had to endue harsh climate change and the way life has adapted to the surrounding area is fascinating to say the least.

National Parks Guy, Exploring the Karoo National Park


Exploring the Karoo National Park |National Parks GuyThere is plenty to see here, and the roads are good to drive on with an average car. Should you want to use a 4×4 there is plenty of space to do that too with dedicated roads and a specialized pass (at extra cost) that one can use.

This park is the best stopover on a long drive North or South from Johannesburg or Cape Town, and you will certainly be refreshed in the morning to see the amazing landscape before you.

Look out for the Cape Hare that wanders around in the early hours of the morning too. You will be whisked away to an Alice in Wonderland adventure as you see them pass by with their tall ears and long back legs.


Exploring the Karoo National Park |National Parks GuyThe evening sounds will captivate you from the moment the sun sets, with the distant roar of the lions to the laughing hyena.

I was bowled over by the park and the service I received while I was there and would readily go back for a few more days to soak up the bird life and the peace and calm of the area.

Exploring the Karoo National Park |National Parks GuyIf you have a chance stop over for the night and relax in a tranquil environment and then come back here and let me know how you got on.


For a map of the area click here.

Have you been, tell us a story from your visit. Was it an adventure or washout? Click Karoo National Park to return and leave your story. Was it hot when you went? What activities did you get up to? How amazing were the staff and the view waking up in the morning to the sound of lion and the mountains. Share it with us.

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