Calf in Thought


To see elephant in the wild is one of my most favorite past times. Their sense of time and their movement is not rushed nor frenetic. There is a peace that surrounds them.

This calf was grazing a few meters from his mother, and like all young elephants, will be brought up by the whole heard through to adulthood over many years.

Thank you for supporting the National Parks Guy, as I bring the beauty of my world into yours.

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Elephants are a favourite of mine. Their expressions and mannerisms are things I can watch every time I see them.

They are big on family too! Always together, always in contact making sure where everyone is and ensuring they do everything together.

This calf African Elephant was in the bush, grazing quietly a few meters from his mom. No rush, and panic as we watched from the car. He took everything in his stride.

His little trunk twisting the grass round and then pulling up from the roots to then chew. I think he was also a little interested in the vehicle I was in too. Looking at it from time to time, not wary of it but in intrigue.

Elephants have one of the longest gestation periods in the world, at nearly 22 months, and then also spend a huge amount of time bringing up their young. Guiding them from toddler to teenager to adulthood.

I title this Canvas “Calf in Thought” as at times it seemed as if he was trying to make sense of the world around him. The normal bush and then this metal box with a ticking noise appears, stops, there are hushed noises from it and then it starts and goes again…

I wondered how he would understand us just observing and then moving on. As most animals do not take too much notice in the Elephant to annoy them, I supposed that in his mind we were another of those that wandered past and were not concern.

Thank you for supporting the National Parks Guy. As I travel to visit National Parks and bring this amazing world into your homes and lives, my hope is that you appreciate the beauty in our world wherever you are.


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