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Erebuni Reserve in Armenia

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Erebuni ReserveArmenia Guide, National Parks Guy is included here because of its significance as a wild cereal habitat. Over 300 different plants grow in this 89 ha area but most significantly is the collection of cereals which have existed here for millions of years. It holds 3 of the 4 species of wild wheat known to science!

As an area of significance, Armenia is trying to educate it’s youth and ensure that this area is not destroyed by the development of building or grazing fields.

To understand in far more detail than can be expressed here, read Conceptual framework towards an implementation of a visitor management and informational system.


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Contact Details  Contact Line:
(+374) 542 303 (542 306)
[email protected].
Armenia Visitor Information Centre
3 Nalbandyan StReet
Google Map
Erebuni Reserve location
Size of Park 89 ha
Opened in 1981
Closest City/Town Yerevan
Habitat Semi-desert
Unesco World Heritage Site No
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Erebuni Reserve, Armenia, National Parks Guy Erebuni Reserve, Armenia, National Parks Guy
Erebuni Reserve, Armenia, National Parks Guy, Horse Riding Erebuni Reserve, Armenia, National Parks Guy


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