Have a little something to remind you of your True roots. The outdoor life!

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  • Goals and Thoughts Journal

    African Elephant Journal


    Just like the Elephant, write your thoughts and ideas down in this journal so that you don’t forget your dreams and goals for the future.

    Blank pages help you be creative and unconstrained and like the African Elephant wonders around the bush, so you too should make the adventure of exploring your world, whether it be near or far.

    Thank you for supporting the National Parks Guy, as I visit the wild spaces of our world to bring them to you.

  • National Parks Guy Journal, Overcome your fears

    How Can I Find a Way? Journal


    You own your life, you decide your dreams and ambitions. Of course they may not always look like the thing in your head but you can achieve them, in one way or another.

    With a special message inside, this journal will get you focussed to explore your challenges.

    Thanks for supporting the National Parks Guy.


  • Goals and Thoughts Journal

    Perfect Calm Journal


    The Western Isles of Scotland are beautiful and stunning. The Sea laps against its shores and the soft white sand gentle moves back and forth.

    The sea can be calm or powerful, and this journal is your place like the sea. Use it to create your ideas, remember your expereinces and draw your thoughts.

    Thank you for supporting the National Parks Guy, making it possible for me to highlight the beauty of our wild spaces to your world.