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  • Maurice Randall

    Blues – West Coast Scotland


    There are so many gradients of colours and while shooting this I couldn’t believe how the blues graduated from loch to sky. It was amazing and equally pleasing to see it on a picture too.

    There were some great times on the West Coast of Scotland and I will remember the memories very dearly.

    Thank you for supporting the National Parks Guy and for allowing me to show you the beauty of the world around me to you.

  • Break Point, Maurice Randall

    Break Point


    This was taken off the shores on a small island off the shores of Scotland. The day was so calm and the water crisp and see through.

    The greens in the wave really drew my attention, as the sea has so many colours at different times.

    Thanks for supporting the National Parks Guy, and allowing me to continue to bring the my amazing adventure into your home.