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  • A calming blue flower in the midst of green

    Blue Mystery in Green


    A wonderful world of colur, but sometimes the greens and soft powers blues of the world just add that touch of calm to our space.

    Nestled in the grass these flowers will light up any room. Perhaps in the Kitchen or on the dining room wall. Let the beauty of a South African flower bring some of that amazing light into your spaces.

    Thank you for supporting the National Parks Guy, as I bring the beauty of my world into yours.

  • Machair, Maurice Randall



    The Machair is a unique place in Scotland. One of a kind for habitat and for bird watching.

    The summer is filled with migrating birds stopping for a drink and refuel, but it is also home to a most amazing landscape.

    Thank you for supporting the National Parks Guy and allowing me to show you parts of this beautiful world in which we live.