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The National Parks in Iran are run by The Department of Environment (DOE). There are 4 major parks designated as National Parks and along with Wildlife Refuges, National Natural Monument sites and other protected areas, you have access to over 216 Nature Reserves in Iran. Below are details of the major National Parks.

Habitats of Iran National Parks

The Habitats of Iran are varied with high mountainous regions, dry desserts, rich basins and dense forests. Each of the National Parks has served to retain and conserve the natural fauna and flora around its natural area and in protecting that natural world, Iran is also protecting and enabling species to recover and flourish.


National Parks of Iran:

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National Park Location
1. Bamou National Park

2. Baktegan National Park

3. Bojagh Natioinal Park

4. Golestan National Park

5. Kavir National Park

6. Khabr National Park

7. Khar-Turan National Park

8. Khojir National Park

9. Kolah Ghazi National Park

10. Lar National Park

11. Shirez National Park

12. Salook National Park

13. Tandoureh National Park

14. Turan National Park

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DOE Contact details Main DOE Contact:
[email protected]
Postal Address:
North Side of Shahid Hakim Highway between Sheikh Fazlollah and Yadegar Imam – Pardisan Nature Park of Environmental
Languages of Iran Persian – Official
Currency  Rial
Population  83 183 741 (2019 Census)
Time zone  3.30 Hours ahead of GMT
Iran Website
Inoculations (Suggested) No risk of Yellow Fever but certificate is essentialTraveller Suggested Vaccines:

 Malaria vaccine suggested if travelling to certain parts of Iran.

Emergency Telephone No. Main Number – 110
British Travel Advice
American Travel Advice
Electricity 220/230 volts – 2 prong sockets
International Airports Tehran Imam Khomeini International Airport (IKA)
There are a further 20 international airports
Drinking Water Quality  High Quality tap water in urban areas
Iran Land Mass  164 819 500 ha
National Parks Area   16 676 734 ha
% of National Parks Land to Iran Land Mass  % of Iran Land Mass
% Of Iran National Parks To World Land Mass
(14 842 900 000 ha)

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