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Updated: 26.10.2015

A World Heritage Site, Bontebok National Park is a small yet colourful landscape set to the Langeberg Mountains. The floral displays are year round and the Breede River gives this environment a calm refreshing feeling.

Bontebok was instrumental in conserving the animal of the same name – the Bontebok – as they approached extinction. From just 17 they have managed to breed and manage around 200 in this National Park and increased their numbers significantly globally. This is a success in saving the Bontebok as a Species!

Bontebok National Park also holds thousands of years of history in the area. The colonial settlers made their way here and settled in Swellendam, and the Khoe-Khoe people were resident in the area for many years before that. Today you can see what remains and look back on the past.

Look out for the endangered Cape Mountain Zebra on your travels along with more common bok like the Red Hartebeest and Grysbok.

 Contact Details  Telephone Number
+27 (0)28 514 2735
Bontebok National Park
South Africa
GPS:  S 34° 3′ 20.782” E 20° 28′ 23.175”
 Nearest Airport Cape Town (209km away)
(Swellengrebel Airfield for light aircraft is beside the Park)
Size of Park 2 786 ha (Smallest)
Opened in 1931
 Park Map  SANParks Bontebok Map
 Closest City/Town  Swellendam
Habitat Fynbos (Unique Biome to SA) Grassland
 Average Temperature Summer:
Max: 27°C
Min:  13°C
Max: 5°C
Min: 0°C
Average Rainfall 460mm
Common Animal Species Bontebok
Animal List Red Haartebeest, Steenbok, Grysbok,
Grey Rhebok, Cape Mountain Zebra, Mongoose,
Bat-Eared Foxes, Aardwolf, Cape Clawless Otter
Bird List Denham’s (Stanley’s) Bustard, Malachite, Spur-wing Goose,
Klaas’s Cuckoo, Swee Waxbill
SANParks Bontebok Bird List
 Unesco World Heritage Site   Yes


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