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This is the link between water and land and can be swamps, bogs and even marsh habitats. Normally this type of land is wet throughout a considerable part of the year and at other times completely dry!

Wetlands are great filters of our waters, removing impurities and storing them in the soil. They hold flood water and release them slowly so river levels remain constant and not destructively forceful! Plants found in these areas normally are soft stemmed, grasses, reeds and shrubs. Some have even adapted to living in salt water.

Below you will find what can be seen as Wetland National Parks. They may form part of the National Park or make up the whole National Park.

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*This work is ongoing, so please check back from time to time.

*Classifying areas of land into categories is difficult and can be very complex. For ease I have only selected seven major habitats to classify National Parks into and apologise for generalising the classification system. If you are looking to expand your knowledge you can look here for more information.