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The Tundra is Harsh! It is often a vast frozen windy place that is ice or snow covered for much of the year. When summer arrives it is brief and over all too soon. Often rain fall is scant plants that grow here generally live in small crevices and in sheltered areas.

When the ground thaws for a few brief months the flowers burst across the tundra environment transforming it into a floral display second to none. Often the temperature is between -6°C to -12°C and in summer months the sun may not set at all.

Below you will find what can be seen as Tundra National Parks. They may form part of the National Park or make up the whole National Park.


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*This work is ongoing, so please check back from time to time.

*Classifying areas of land into categories is difficult and can be very complex. For ease I have only selected seven major habitats to classify National Parks into and apologise for generalising the classification system. If you are looking to expand your knowledge you can look here for more information.