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This habitat is generally a place found in hot, dry environments. Often subjected to fire outbreaks which have caused the shrubs to adapt to the conditions. They are normally shrubs and short trees that live amongst rocky terrain. Rainfall can often be between 200mm to 1000mm a year but is highly unpredictable!

These habitats cover savannah and certain types of woodland, normally by association of groupings of low growing trees however. The plants tend to be small, with needle-like leaves, some have a waxy coatings to reflect light and others have developed fire resistant outers to protect them. Certain plant seeds will only be activated by fire and can lay dormant in the ground for many years.

Below you will find what can be seen as shrubland National Parks. They may form part of the National Park or make up the whole National Park.

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South Africa

 Addo Elephant
 Mountain Zebra
 Table Mountain


Butrinti (UNESCO Site)

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*Classifying areas of land into categories is difficult and can be very complex. For ease I have only selected seven major habitats to classify National Parks into and apologise for generalising the classification system. If you are looking to expand your knowledge you can look here for more information.