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Thanks so much for even thinking about looking here to help me out. This world is a big place and I want to try to represent every National Park in the world in a vibrant beautiful way. If you are that National Park, fill in the details and tell me how great your National Park is.

Below is the form I use to gather all my information for each national park. If you want to help me out, just copy it all and paste it into an email for me. Find and fill in the information and then send it off to me. I will put your name into the hall of fame of helpers who assisted in cataloguing the world of National Parks.

Thanks Again


Email to: [email protected]

Subject Line: ********* National Park Information, #########  (Fill in the ******* with the Park Name, ###### with the country name please.)

Updated: Please fill in the date you found the information


“A short write up about the National Park and area”


 Contact Details  Telephone Number
Contact Number
Contact Address
Main Reception: Co-ordinates please
Main link to website of the National Park
 Nearest Airport Nearest Airport (with distance from park in km)
Size of Park In ha
Opened in Choose oldest formed date please
 Park Map If map on National Park Site – Please place it here
 Closest City/Town Nearest Please
Habitat Choose from 7 I listed:
Forest & Woodland
 Average Temperature Please find averages in Celsius
Max: °C
Min:  °C
Max: °C
Min: °C
Average Rainfall Listed in mm
Common Animal Species A common mammal we may see at the National Park
Animal List If there is an extended list link to it, otherwise try to list a few example of animals we may see here.
Bird List If there is an extended list link to it, otherwise try to list a few example of birds we may see here.
 Unesco World Heritage Site   Simple Yes/No
Activities List the types of activities you and do at this National Park
Video’s Is there a video we can use that shows the park off well. Not a commercial one.
Photo’s Do you have any photos that are yours that we can show to the world, or link to a gallery for this park without infringing copyright. I would really appreciate it
Any Other Information If you have any other information you think I need to include pop it here.
Website Attribution If you used different websites or printed materials, please make a list and put them here. Use this format: (accessed 27/10/2015)
Author Name, Book Title, Publisher, Year Printed

All I can say right now is you are a star and thank you so much for helping me out. Want to see the wall of Fame, click here. Your name will be there as soon as I get to uploading your information. You get bonus points for photos and links…


(P.S. I am really against stealing from other people’s work, so please be honest where you got the information from)

If you have pictures you want to share with me so I can put them in the Gallery, please send them to me at [email protected] with “(PARK NAME) National Park Gallery Pictures” in the subject line please.

*I have tried to accurately represent facts and figures and give the best information possible listed above. If you should note that something is wrong please bring it to my attention with a link to where I can find factual evidence for the contrary. I take no responsibility for this information and offer it as information only. My email is [email protected] and title your email as “Correction: (PARK NAME) National Park” please.