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National Parks Guy, Maurice Randall, Teacher, Writer, TravellerWelcome to the National Parks Guy website.

Hi, I am Maurice and I am that Guy! The one who is interested in nature and wildlife and willing to share the beauty of it all with whomever will listen. I am travelling and highlighting wildlife parks from around the world, that are government owned or government held interests. My aim is to describe these areas as places of outstanding beauty and valuable to all of humanity.

What’s Your Story?

Maurice Randall, National Parks Guy, Share, Information, StoriesPart of the National Parks Guy site is to gather stories and adventures you have had in a National Park. Where did you go? What activities did you get up to? Did you sleep under the stars or stay in a B&B that you need to give a shout our to? What was a first for you? A first sighting of an animal, or a river rafting trip down a rapid… We want to know and share those stories that make the outdoors so special. By doing so you will inspire more stories and adventures to be taken and enjoyed!

No one remembers the time you spent staring at a TV screen, but you do remember the first time you stuck your foot in a gooey muddy sea bed or when you saw a roe deer or lion for the first time. Share the stories and the fun you have by finding your National Park and letting us all know what fun and exciting things you did. Even a week spent in a wet tent will lead to a story far better than a night sitting on a sofa looking at the square colourbox in the corner.

National Parks are Our Responsibility!

It is the responsibility of every country to ensure it’s citizens are safe and secure, and one way we can all benefit from that is by ensuring our National Parks are of a high standard. Where Nature is protected and responsibly managed. Where the local communities are involved in the process and educated to ensure that Game Reserves and Wildlife Conservatories are there for humanity for a long long time.

National Parks may become the life rafts of our world in the near future, and it is our collective responsibility to maintain them. Protect them from big business, and manage them with the intention of benefiting all mankind.

Kruger National Park, Challenge Answers, National Parks Guy, YouTubeAs I travel, photography and explore these areas of outstanding merit, I would like others to be part to the experience too. By sharing your story or adventure of your visit, I hope to highlight the tireless efforts of our Game Rangers and of the Scientific research community which works so hard to discover and make great habitats for plants, animals and us to thrive.

Not only do I want to focus on National Parks around the world but I want to highlight some of the issues they face too in my BLOG. Parks are under attack on a daily basis. Whether it be for mining and mineral rights, expansion of a human population explosion or for the poaching of wild animals they are constantly under threat.

Nature cannot speak up for itself, she sits quietly minding her own business, but as we continue to take away from her she in turn will make our planet more inhospitable than we would like. It is time we realise that we are now too numerous as humans to not make an effect on the world around us. It was different many years ago with fewer people not impacting our world or even without the technology to harvest at the rate we do.

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